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New Technique

Stone paper:

also called Shike Paper, is a limestone mineral resource with large reserves and

wide distribution (carbonic acid).

The calcium content is 70~80%) as the main source. The stone paper has the

same color as the plant fiber paper.

The writing performance and printing effect, while having the core properties of

plastic packaging.


Production process:

The process of stone paper mainly adopts the combination of calendering and casting, organic base

Basically, polyethylene-PE and polypropylene-PP stone paper are also used in printing and printing.

Unique advantages, its main features are not only waterproof, anti-fog, oil, insect, etc., but also resistant

Tear, bend resistant. Stone paper absorbs ink and inkjet printing is not easily etched.


1. Is stone paper an environmentally friendly material?

Reduce pollution emissions. The production of stone paper does not require washing with water, nor does it require strong acid, alkali and

bleach. Therefore, there is no problem of wastewater discharge and no pollution of water resources. Recycling and degradation. It can

reproduce colored plastic bags, flower pots, plastic buckets, etc. If it is sent to the incinerator for disposal as garbage, no poison gas will be


2. Is stone paper an energy-saving material?

Protect resources and save energy. Stone paper comes from the mine and does not need to cut down the vegetation, which is a great

protection for the forest. The stone paper production process mainly uses calcium carbonate as the main raw material. The whole production

process does not need to add a drop of water, saving valuable water resources.

3. What is the quality of the products made with stone paper?

Stone paper also has its unique advantages in use and printing. Stone paper absorbs ink and inkjet printing is not easily etched.

Because of its fiber-free printing, the inkjet printing has higher definition and the surface is not coated, and it will not chemically

interact with the ink, resulting in color cast and discoloration.

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