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In 2000, the company was established, and there are the   
equipments: 3 silk screens, 1 beer machine, 1 oven, 1 sticking machine;


In 2003, we added 4 new semi-automatic screen printing
machines and 1 beer machine


In 2005, we added 6 new ultrasonic waves, 8 sewing machines and 2 beer machines  


In 2008, the company expanded its scale and owned 1 factory
We independently developed PP storage series and
owned four practical patent certificates.


In 2011, the company added 2 automatic screen printing machines;we issued hang tag which has a certain share in the market, and we cooperated with some well-known brands;


In 2015, the company introduced 2 sets of fully automatic glue
box machines for replacement;


In 2017, the company introduced the new Heidelberg UV7+1 printing machine, fully automatic beer machine

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